Peer to peer networks explained. – Charl-Pierre Esterhuyse

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Topic: Peer to Peer networks and illegal / legal streaming sites.

What are peer to peer networks.

To make it simple for everyone to understand.

Peer to peer networks are a group of computers that are linked together and one uses a search engine that then searches many computers, from every computer it then takes a piece of data to give you a file, it can be movies, games and programs. HOWEVER, EACH COMPUTER IS A SERVER and has a constant upload of data.


The only advantage is that you can download opensource software, they use peer to peer networks to make the download available.


It may be slow because it depends on the network of other, that computer can be overseas and you must work through many connections (networks are large) and one must consider latency as well. The other thing is that you’re not guaranteed that what you download is the actual thing and it might even be malware that can hurt your computer.

So, is peer to peer a good thing?

I think everybody will have their own opinion about it. In my eyes, it is abused to commit crime known as piracy. Torrenting also uses peer to peer connections.

This brings me to my next point

Illegal streaming sites.

Many people use it, I’m not mentioning any examples because I’m not a fan of it and was convinced by Dudley Davids, you will be able to have a long chat with him regarding this topic.

Illegal streaming sites use peer to peer connections to stream a movie. One can get very technical about how it works but I want to stay superficial. As mentioned by the disadvantages of peer-to-peer, it may be slow for reason you depend on other people’s computers to make that movie available to you. This means uploading from other computers and you need to download.

Sometimes the download is not a problem but the upload of the “servers” and then people are quick to say that their internet is slow. We often suspect that people use this free streaming service and then as soon as they experience buffering they call us. Therefore, I’m explaining how it works.

Legal streaming sites

Netflix, Showmax, DSTV now and Supersport.

I would like to advise people to use legal streaming sites. It’s something you pay for so you get service and good quality and they do not use peer to peer connections they have local servers. The monthly costs justify all the movies made available to you. They constantly upload new movies and series for you to watch.

Charl-Pierre Esterhuyse