Is being connected to the world becoming a need over a desire? – Charl-Pierre Esterhuyse

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Is being connected to the world becoming a need over a desire?

Just a few years ago, the internet had no importance and communication was only conducted telephonically and documents sent through the post.

Nowadays, just by a single click of a button communication can be conducted. The internet has become the convenience of connecting us to the rest of the world.


Internet for Businesses

Companies and businesses has mostly become dependent on using internet. A simple example of this would be the marketing department of the business. Marketing is mainly in the form of social media and online directories. Not only will this depend on the usage of internet but might need to use VOIP internet phones which can only be made possible through an internet connection. Other aspects of a business made simple through the internet are online orders and accounting systems.

Through the convenience provided by the internet, a business can practically not function without being connected.


Internet for Individuals

We are no longer living in the stone age, for an individual to go without internet means to be out of touch with what is happening around us and in the world. As mentioned earlier, the internet connects us to everything and everyone by a single click. We have access to the latest news, articles, information and trends at our finger tips.

Studies has proven than that average time spent on Instagram, is 32 minutes on a daily basis. This excludes all other forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Without being connected, you are completely cut off from the world. The internet has created a convenience for each and every person to be able to conduct communication from all over the world by a single click.

With that said, scholars of today has a greater advantage when connected to the internet as it comes to completing projects, studying, researching, etc. Scholars who has no access to the internet is at a great disadvantage.


Advantages of Being Connected

Over time, the advantages of being connected has increased drastically over the disadvantages of being connected.

  • Internet makes life more convenient in terms of internet of things (IOT) products that’s developing.
  • In business the work flow of things is made easier by the internet.
  • Easier to send emails rather than mail a letter.
  • VOIP calling benefits a business and made cheaper.
  • Cloud storage usage has increased drastically and major source of keeping data safe.
  • Easier to meet and connect with people from around the world through social media, video calling, etc.
  • Watching a movie or series is made easier by streaming from the comfort of your own home.


Disadvantages of Being Connected

  • Personal connection is lost among each other
  • Misunderstandings can develop over emails or WhatsApp text messages
  • Online hackers and scams can occur which can lead to greater technical difficulties
  • The internet can be used for wrong doings and purposes.


In conclusion, the internet over time has become a necessity rather than a desire. On the other hand, “faster” internet becomes the desire.

Just imagine the mere thought of not being connected for a month. No access to mobile network, social media, the latest news or rather that video call with a friend from overseas. I think we all know that the internet is an essential, or what do you say?

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Charl-Pierre Esterhuyse