How to choose your internet package – Charl-Pierre Esterhuyse

How to choose your internet package. What should I look at when choosing an internet package? First let’s get everybody up to date with everything that needs to be look at.



This is exactly what it says, Capped or Uncapped … With Capped internet you get a number of MB data to use during the course of the month. You pay R75 per GIG at Breedenet if we do the top-up for you and R65 if you do it yourself on our Customer Zone. Capped would be ideal for people who don’t really make use of the internet quite often and when they do it’s just for emails or going onto Google to search for something. At Breedenet we suggest all our customers to rather look at our uncapped packages. The simple reason, why would you set limits for yourself. Nowadays everything uses data, even in the background of your computer there’s constant data usage that’s why my recommendation would be to go for an uncapped package and experience everything the internet has to offer, surf the internet, Google, YouTube, social media, and stream


ADSL – it works with lines, simple example, Telkom makes use of ADSL connections.

Wireless – LTE Mobile networks –  At Breedenet we make use of Wireless internet, we connect clients to Breedenet towers. Mobile networks work on the same principle and recently the new trend is LTE routers with uncapped WiFi. LTE can provide a very fast up and download speed.

Fibre – Fibre is the new era, it is Fibre optic lines that mostly runs underground but it can be aerial as well. Fibre is very fast and remains constant and can provide very high internet speeds because of the way that the cable is put together, however, it is still very expensive especially Fibre to the home (FTTH).


In short, our packages as seen on our website

Bronze – Ideal for home users, lower priority from the tower side if there will be a network problem, less upload speed and no connection sharing or additional connections are available on these packages. On a Bronze package we do have a fair usage policy just so that the internet’s not being misused by home users, however our fair usage is quite high and one shouldn’t reach that number easily.

Silver – Our Silver packages would be more than perfect for home users, our Silver packages are designed for Small Business, Gamers, and home users that would like to take their internet to the next step. This package has a more constant connection, thus a higher priority from our wireless towers and has a faster upload speed. Additional connections are also available from the 6mbps upwards which means that you can take an additional Bronze connection at a second location for cheaper.

Gold – Let’s get down to business, our Gold packages are for people that’s serious about internet and running a business. Our Gold packages has a very high priority from our wireless towers to ensure that you always have a constant connection and that your internet is up and running. Another benefit of the Gold packages is that it has the same upload speed than download speed, no shaping, no throttling, free domain and hosting, connection sharing and additional connections are also available. Connection sharing enables you to share the speed you get at your business at your home or another location.

Platinum – Platinum package users can expect a rock-solid connection, with mostly the same extras as the Gold users. The main difference between the Platinum and Gold packages is that, on a Platinum package you get an account manager and we also sign a service level agreement (SLA) to ensure that we will do anything possible to provide the service you need and paying for. I think another thing to mention is that with our Platinum packages you can create unlimited emails for staff and business purposes.


With the different packages explained we can get down to the speeds and briefly discuss what we recommend for different tasks.

Our speeds vary from 1mbps up to 20mbps

1-3mbps – for the reading of emails and using google for basic research or web-surfing, it will also do for social media but do expect a video or image buffering occasionally.

4-8mbps – for all the above and for streaming, social media, gaming and working with multiple devices on the network or internet and handling bigger files such as editing software and cloud storages.

10Mbps + for the workplace where there are multiple computers working simultaneously and handling big files or downloads. Not only is this for business users but any individual that feels he/she needs a fast internet connection because, there is multiple devices streaming at once and they are heavy users.


After you’ve read about our packages and speeds, hopefully these questions will help you to apply for the correct package, have a look on our website for more information on the packages we have to offer.

Questions to ask.

What is the main reason for the internet connection?

It is for home use or work?

How many people are with me in the home or workplace?

How constant must the internet speed be during peak/business hours?

Do I make use of cloud storages and do I need a high upload speed for uploading files?


If you’re still not sure, give us a call and ask to speak to one of our salespersons.


Charl-Pierre Esterhuyse.