• FreeSpeed Upgrade

    On all Wireless Internet Packages

    1 September 2014:

    All Wireless Internet Packages' speeds will be upgrade without costing you extra. This is an automatic process. Enjoy the speed.

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  • NewUncapped Internet

    For home user to large corporates

    Choose from:

    Bronze (home), Silver (SOHO), Gold (Business) or Platinum (Enterprise). Each with its own speeds and priorities.

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  • WirelessFreedom

    With Breedenet & AlwaysOn

    Access to over 1200 hotspots

    Simply login with your Gold or Platinum Internet username and password at an AlwaysOn hotspot to get instant access.

  • UncappedInternet Sharing

    Between different locations

    1st from BreedeNet:

    You can now share you Gold or Platinum Internet connection between different location and even dedicate specific speeds per connection.

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  • BreedeNet Jul 30, 2015 | 09:43 am

    Good day     All Breedenet clients Please note that Windows 10 Update was released Yesterday 29.07.2015 Are you running a Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC? Then you could be in for a big surprise: Windows 10 may have[…]

  • BreedeNet Jul 28, 2015 | 09:01 am

    Breedenet Network Notice - Grabouw Tower Scheduled maintenance Please note that there will be scheduled maintenance on the Grabouw Tower. The detail of the schedule is as follow: Date: July 28 - 2015 Time: 30min Affected Services: All Clients connect...

  • BreedeNet Jul 22, 2015 | 08:27 am

    Breedenet Network Notice Eastern Cape clients: Please note there is a technical issue with the Golden Valley, Glen Avon, Rondeberg and Alicedale towers. Our technicians are on their way to tend to the problems. Services will be restored as soon[…]


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How Does Wireless Internet Work

The Internet is very much a key to successful business today. Not only do we as a business need access to the internet, but our guests expect internet access to be provided also, especially at Guest Houses, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Restaurants... even at a car wash. We therefore want to give the Breede Valley a headstart by providing Internet accessibility at even the remotest places through Hotspots. 

What is a Hotspot you may ask? Simply put: A Hotspot is a venue that offers Wireless Internet access to everyone within a designated area.

Want to boost the popularity of your business? Then go to our website and find out more about hosting a Hotspot. We offer a special discount for current BreedeNet customers.

You will also receive premium advertising benefits on the info.breede.co.za website worth R2400 per year.


On Friday we launched a new service called info.breede.co.za. This is a directory listing for the whole of the Breede River Valley. Our aim is to be the number one stop for all information regarding this Valley. The directory listing is just the start. Since we value our customers we are offering this service to our Business Package Customers, as well as BreedeNet Hotspot Hosts completely free of charge. Plus, you get to index your business ahead of everyone in the the Valley.

We have added a few listings on the website already, but unfortunately we do not have the manpower to list the businesses of all our customers on the website ourselves. We therefore need your help and ask that you list your business on our website yourself.

Click on read more to find out how to submit your listing.


 :: Option 1 ::

Email Addresses:Yes, 1

Debit Order: R69 per month

Annual Payment: R780 (R65/month)

Installation:FREE - bring computer to us.

No modem included

BreedeNet offers a wide variety of products to suite your needs:

Clic on the products below for more information or use the top menu.













If none of these hosting options suit your needs, please contact us for a custom quote.

:: Option 1 ::
Disk Space50 megabytes
Domain:1 Free .co.za domain
Email Addresses:Yes, 5
SQL DatabaseNo
Uptime:99.9% Gauranteed
FTP Access:YES

Debit Order: R75 per month

Annual Payment: R810 (R67.50/month)


:: Option 2 ::

Disk Space150 megabytes
Domain:1 Free .co.za domain
Email Addresses:Yes, 10
SQL DatabaseNo
Uptime:99.9% Gauranteed
FTP Access:YES

Debit Order: R99 per month

Annual Payment: R1069 (R89.08/month)


:: Option 3 ::

Disk Space500 megabytes
Domain:1 Free .co.za domain
Email Addresses:Yes, 20
SQL DatabaseYes, 1
Uptime:99.9% Gauranteed
FTP Access:YES

Debit Order: R150 per month

Annual Payment: R1620 (R135/month)