BreedeNet (Pty) Ltd. is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing high-speed Internet, VoIP communication (Single Line or Switchboard) and web hosting to home and business users in the Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and Free State.


Get connected with our all-inclusive Wireless and Fibre Internet options. Special Wireless School Packages also available.


From Single Line options to Hosted Switchboards for businesses, we’ve got the VoIP solution to help you say ‘Hello’ in a brand new way.


Get your website online with one of our web hosting packages – with ideal options for basic and content-rich websites.

Why Wireless?

– Provides high-speed internet access in remote areas
– Lower latency, meaning data generally travels faster
– No additional line rental fees per month

Why BreedeNet?

– We have more than 10 years of experience
– We offer After Hour Support
– We offer affordable rates for homes and businesses
– We constantly improve and develop our offerings

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